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I have taken the following courses at Penn. Fortunately I am a PhD candidate now, so I am done with all my classes !
  1. (STAT 542) Bayesian Statistics by Prof. Shane Jensen (Spring 2012)
  2. (STAT 512) Mathematical Statistics by Prof. Warren Ewens (Spring 2012)
  3. (BIOM 555) Control of Gene Expression by Profs Marissa Bartolomei and Eric Brown (Spring 2012)
  4. (BSTA 630) Statistical Methods and Data Analysis by Profs Rui Xiao and Rui Feng (Fall 2011)
  5. (CAMB 483) Epigenetics by Prof. Doris Wagner (Fall 2011)
  6. (CAMB 550) Genetic Principles by Profs. Meera Sundaram and Vivian Cheung (Spring 2011)
  7. (GCB 752) Seminar in Genomics by Prof. Harold Riethman (Spring 2011)
  8. (BIOL 421) Molecular Genetics by Prof. Eric Weingberg (Fall 2010)
  9. (GCB 537) Advanced Computational Biology by Profs. Li-San Wang and Sampath Kannan (Fall 2010)
  10. (GCB 531) Introduction to Genome Science by Prof. John Hogenesch (Fall 2010)
  11. (ENM 503) Introduction to Probability and Statistics by Prof. Santosh Venkatesh (Summer 2010)
  12. (STAT 431) Statistical Inference by Kai Zhang (Summer 2010)
  13. (CIS 500) Software Foundations by Prof. Benjamin Pierce (Spring 2010)
  14. (CIS 511) Theory of Computation by Prof. Jean Gallier (Spring 2010)
  15. (STAT 991) Seminar in Statistics by Prof. Sham Kakade (Spring 2010)
  16. (CIS 502) Analysis of Algorithms by Prof. Sanjeev Khanna (Fall 2009)
  17. (CIS 520) Machine Learning by Prof. Benjamin Taskar (Fall 2009)
  18. (CIS 530) Computational Linguistics by Prof. Mitch Marcus (Fall 2009)
  19. (CIS 677) Social Networks and Game Theory by Prof. Michael Kearns (Fall 2009)
  20. (CIS 996) Research Seminar (Fall 2009)
In Spring 2013 and 2014, I TA'ed (GCB/CIS 535) Introduction to Bioinformatics, which was co-taught by Prof. Ben Voight and Steve Master.
In Fall 2013, I TA'ed online Coursera course, Experimental Genome Science, which was taught by Prof. John Hogenesch.
In Spring 2011, I TA'ed (CIS 521) Artificial Intelligence, which was taught by Prof. Lyle Ungar
In Fall 2010, I TA'ed (CIS 502) Analysis of Algorithms, which was taught by Prof. Sudipto Guha.
I was awarded a Center for Teaching and Learning certificate for my commitment towards teaching.